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Corpse Collector

Corpse Collector (2015) online sa prevodom

Corpse Collector (2015)

Mar. 07, 2015Unknown114 Min.Not Rated

Corpse Collector (2015) sa prevodom

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Itso, about 35, drives a special ambulance called a ‘corpse-van’. His job is to pick up the bodies of the recently deceased and transport them to the morgue. Itso’s assistant is a Gypsy with the nickname ‘Buddy’. Mimi, a nice and lovable ward-maid from the morgue likes Itso, but he doesn’t really pay much attention to her, because he is in love with Katya, an attractive 40 years old woman. Katya humiliates Itso and uses him, but it doesn’t change his feelings for her. Katya turns out to be a mistress of the mafia boss Rocco, who beats her and one of the days – brutally rapes her, which is seen by Itso. Buddy convinces Itso that real men deal with life problems by administering justice themselves. Itso decides to rescue Katya and her 14-year old son Mario from Rocco, and free the world from a villain… This complex story, referring to subconscious, psychology and symbolism, is not only about freeing the world from outside evil, but also freeing a man from his inner demons…

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Originalni naziv Събирач на трупове
IMDb ocjena 7.1 316 votes
TMDb ocjena 6 2 votes

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